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We are a small family owned Kennel in West Jordan, Utah

Gunny's Place

The founders and owners of the kennel
Lisa and Troy

Dad is a Marine who severed around the world. This is why you will see many Marine references and Marine based names “Gunny Monster” You will also find the Marine's Core Values are embedded in everything the Kennel is involved in. Those Values for those of you have never met and or dealt with a Marine in your lifetime are as such; "Honor, Courage Commitment” Mom is Italian and Spanish decent. Dad says that mom has what it takes to tame all of us and keep us in line Our dogs are family oriented and raised as part of our family.   About three years ago during the Toys for Tots drive our Gunny Monster we chose to make him a mascot to help out with the drives and bring public interest to the project. It has been an interesting ride ever since. Mom thought we were nuts when dad first put Gunny in uniform. But at the first major appearance he made with the Marines at the FIM World superbikes she quickly understood his impact on the public. Since this appearance we have not stopped. This is our third season working as a Mascot and we enjoy every minute of it. Along the way we got involved with local rescues to host their dogs on our website in hopes of finding them good homes. We first saw the Companions for Heroes project about a year ago. We are honored to now be supporting the effort to help matching the two together. We are always asked does Gunny Like being a mascot watch below and you decide.